SLICE LONDON (Sustainable Living in Community, East London)

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Searching/Bought land in: England
Region in England: Greater London
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Engagement, shared responsibility and interdependency

In response to insecure and expensive housing we want to set up a community based self build project based on friendship, community, creativity, responsibility and engagement. We are a group of people in London who would love to be able to stay in our chosen areas without having to be isolated or subjected to insecure housing and rapidly rising rents. The principles are simple and promote a safe, creative and supported environment where households can potentially share resources and have spontaneous opportunities to meet. Members would have to subscribe to similar values and aims. There would ideally be a mixture of self-contained & shared living spaces, a shared garden with vegetables and flowers/fruit trees, a childrens' play area, a wellbeing space and ideally another separate space for activities such as music, cinema screenings and celebrations.This will be a constantly evolving project accommodating those who may stay, live and grow, or stay, move and grow (move cities, countries or jobs etc) we want to support each other in these choices. SLICE London would be initially be a small initiative about building homes and a positive community open to those subscribing to the same values. SLICE will aim to have core/founder members, associate members, friends and advisors.