Anam Cara

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Status: Bidding on Land
Searching/Bought land in: Wales
Region in Wales: South West Wales
Group Location:
sa66 7xt

- We are a growing group of diverse people who are forming an intentional community based in West Wales

- We plan to purchase a small holding or farm with enough southerly facing land to support a group of approx twenty people including children

- Our hope is be able to create eco homes so each member or family group has their own self contained accomodation

- We will seek to be off grid and create our own energy and have our own water supply

- Our focus will be a permaculture project to provide enough food and wood to support the community to the level of abundance

- We believe in people care

- We will encourage the development of land based crafts and projects

   Much more information is available on our website: 

 We are seeking new members and investment from interested parties, you can email us at - Anam Cara <>; and we will get back to you shortly