Bringing People and Land Together

Dear all who are interested in this area.   Currently we do not have the resources to maintain this site, though we still passionate about supporting groups to create their own projects. We hope one day we can bring this great resource back to life.  If you have any ideas or resources to help make this platform work, please get in contact with us.  info(at)   (change 'at' to @)

In the mean time, if you are interested in setting up a community project or creating your own home, please register on the Local Self Build Register, as it will enable local authorities to support more custom build and self build.

Good luck with your projects.  We hope that you can find other like minded people and that you can make a project work.  If you would like support for your group, please see what support we can provide at

This is what Community Build was set up to do:

Community Build is an exciting new concept for people who want to build their own homes as part of a group or community. Created by self-build facilitators Ecomotive, it acts as a matchmaking service between individuals, groups and landowners, allowing people to purchase building plots at more affordable prices and to access larger areas of land ideal for purpose-designed self-build communities.   And best of all, it’s all absolutely FREE!